Save Lives and Solve Staffing Shortages

Emergency operator staffing shortages and increased crime make it difficult for PSAPs and public safety departments to deliver high quality community safety.

Get past the hype to build a safer future.

AI is poised to change the world for the better. Choosing the wrong Public Safety AI partner or building with outdated AI technology will leave PSAPs with increased community distrust, excessive costs, and regulatory misalignment.

We help municipalities prepare for and build safe, secure, and trustworthy GenAI.

AI has changed in the last couple years. Generative AI models have demonstrated that contextual conversations can be had with chatbots that blur the line between man and machine.

Last generation NLP and NLU artificial intelligence systems are not capable of interactions like GenAI.

If your municipality is ready to build safe, secure, trustworthy, and future proof AI, let’s chat.

Get AI Ready

We get PSAPs ready for and build conversational AI that complies with aligned standards for emergency and non-emergency use cases.

Solve Staffing Shortages

Our action-oriented Generative AI can be customized to local best practices and conduct the same empathetic and professional conversations as human operators.

Eliminate Hold Times

Auto-scaling technology allows your team of AI Dispatchers to handle spikes in call volumes and put an end to hold times. 

Community First Solutions

Our commitment to a community-first implementation plan ensures local needs are identified and embedded into the solution.

Future Proof Public Safety AI Solutions

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